About Prilep

City of Prilep is located in the south of Macedonia, with around 70,000 inhabitants. It lies on the eastern edge of the Prilep field, which is part of the largest basin in Macedonia – Pelagonija, which stretches on what is today Macedonia in the north and Greece in the south. The city itself is situated between the Marko’s Tower and Mount Zelenik in the north, Mount Selechka in the south, in the east there are slight raised cascades formed by the ancient Pelagonija Lake which stretched to the west on what is today  wide open Prilep field. The absolute altitude of the city is around 650 meter.


A few touristic infos about Republic of Macedonia

  • Population: 2 million
  • Capital: Skopje, 500.000 inhabitants
  • Official language: Macedonian
  • Official alphabet: Cyrillic
  • Currency: Denar (MK Den), 1 Euro = 60 MK Den (approx.)
  • Credit cards: Eurocheques and all major credit cards are generally accepted.
  • Country entry formalities: A valid passport required.  For EU citizen visa is not required.
  • Customs: Foreign citizen can bring and take out personal property duty free. Some restrictions  still apply with tobacco, alcohol…
  • If travelling by car a valid driving license and  “green card” international insurance is required.



Prilep Bouldering Guidebook