Climbbudy for bouldering in Prilep

ClimBuddy App

ClimBuddy is a new App developed and programmed by our dear friend Bojan Hribernik. Although it’s still under development you can try it out today by following the link below.

Fell free to test it out with uploading new boulders or FA’s, comment on the gardes given or simply remind us on what you feel could be done better in the future. Drop a comment below or e-mail us at

You feedback will be greatly appreciated.

4 thoughts on “ClimBuddy App”

  1. Hello ! I was in prilep this summer was an amazing bouldering trip ! Love that place!
    Can I have the app with the topo?

    Thanks dudes!

  2. Hey Gabriel. I’ve been to Prilep four times now and it never disappoints 😉

    As for the Climbuddy App, it is available online for free. so just visit the url and give it a go 😉

  3. Hey guys,

    The Climbuddy app link seems to be broken. Is the app still available?

    I’ll be in Prilep bouldering this coming weekend.

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